Hormone Replacement


Weight loss


accountability program


The Pure Wellness Approach


We will discuss your goals, combine your challenges with an extensive review of your lab work, and figure out which plan will work best for you.


We will develop an individualized program while collaborating with you on your lifestyle options. 


Our staff will support you on your journey, enabling you to develop routines that will serve you throughout your life.

Personalised Hormone Health

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Optimize Your Life

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Accountability Program
  • Vitamin IV Therapy
  • Aesthetics

Follow the Science

  • Evidence-Based Treatments
  • Comprehensive Lab Review
  • Customized Protocols 

Expert Telehealth - Now Nationwide!

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3 Easy Steps to


Book an Appointment

  • Book your Free virtual strategy call
  • Complete Health Questionnaire
  • Discuss your challenges
  • Learn the Pure Wellness Medical benefits
  • Book your comprehensive lab review consultation

Discuss & Review

  • Virtually meet Dr. Suarez
  • 60-90 minute detailed lab review
  • Learn how your symptoms relate to your blood work
  • Discuss your nutritional, vitamin & hormone imbalances
  • Get your individualized protocol
  • All your questions will be answered

Get Optimized

  • Get your Supplements/Hormone mailed to you
  • Follow your customized plan
  • Use our Membership APP
  • Track your progress
  • Follow-Up as needed


Lisa D.

I have been working with Pure Wellness Medical since January. I struggled to lose weight even as adedicated gym goer and living a healthy lifestyle.I was always tired and didn’t feel my best.Since then Dr. Suarez had helped me to feel incredible! He is extremely thorough with blood work and isvery precise with treatment! His team is professional, courteous, and quick to respond.I’m thankful I found them, and I couldn’t be happier with my progress!My weight has dropped significantly and I’m finally seeing results in the gym!Thank You Pure Wellness Medical!!!

John C

I had a trainer and all he did was give me a meal plan. There wasn’t any variety. It was a body building diet that I could have just looked up online. I didn’t learn anything. The Body Site app has recipes, and I can scan and track my food. I’m learning nutrition principles to help me make the right choices too. I have slight insulin resistance and I’m learning what foods are best to regulate my blood sugar. My trainer never went over any of this

Katie E

I must thank you again… Dr Suarez is a very knowledgeable and down to earth person.
Very easy to talk with and went over bloods and explained everything in detail. Can’t
wait to get started on my protocol and new way of life to get to the optimized shape and
feeling of my life!

Louie D

In just 3 short weeks @purewellnessmedical, Dr. Suarez, & @professor__johncamp have helped me regain my energy levels, my overall mental & physical health. Following the protocols & diet they’ve made for me, I feel dynamic to say the least. In the process I’ve also lost some weight as well. I look forward to more success as we move along. Thank you to all my friends


“I cannot say enough about pure wellness! It’s changed the life of not only myself but a few members of my training facility as well. Thank you, Pure Wellness!!”

Kelly H.

The scale hasn't been moving much, so I decided to measure my body fat percentage
today. It has gone from 31.6% to 21.3%
And muscle mass went from 54.5 pounds to 66 pounds
Woot. Woot!!!! Thank you, Pure Wellness!

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pure wellness medical is Perfect for men & women That are prepared to:

Make a financial and physical investment in your health and well-being.
Stay committed and disciplined to follow our program.
Improve overall health and disease prevention by living a healthier lifestyle.
Enhance performance, get revitalized to OPTIMIZE your life.