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About Pure Wellness Medical

At Pure Wellness Medical, we offer an integrative, holistic, hormone-based approach to beat fatigue, fight disease, and OPTIMIZE your life. We encourage and empower our patients to ask questions and teach them to make healthier decisions. Our services include Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT & TRT), IV Vitamin  Therapy, Weight Loss, Aesthetic Treatments, & more!

We focus on disease prevention and optimizing patients to feel and look their absolute best.


What sets
Pure wellness Medical

We are a Telemed, Integrative, Membership based Wellness Center NOT a testosterone clinic. We offer a thorough evaluation and extensive individualized treatment programs.


  • Best of all, you will have your own personal Wellness Coordinator to guide your care and assists you during your journey.
  • Easy to use Patient Portal for prescriptions, doctor notes, health and fitness tips and more.
  • Medication and Supplements delivered to your doorstep!
  • Order comprehensive lab work to dive in to evaluate progress.
  • We offer nationwide virtual and in-office visits. Specializing in OPTIMIZING your hormone levels and making you feel your best.

About the Pure Wellness Medical Team

About our Founder and Medical Director

Dr. David Suarez

Dr David Suarez was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, New York. His mother was from Brooklyn and her family was from Austria and Russia, while his father’s entire family was born in Puerto Rico, except for his dad, who was born in Manhattan. David’s mother was an atheist but Jewish by culture and his father was a non-practicing catholic, therefore David was brought up with no religion in his household. His only exposure to religion was when he would go to a roman catholic church with his Italian friends.

After high school football, David started to play semi-professional football and did so for seven years, hoping to eventually play for the National Football League. At the age of twenty-six, David started his journey towards becoming a physician and began medical school in Long Island, New York. As a child he saw his grandfather suffer from multiple sclerosis and his mother from morbid obesity and all of its medical complications. David knew that there had to be a better solution for overall health and started looking into alternative education models.

He was accepted into Midwestern University/Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in September of 2000. Dr. David Suarez completed his general surgery residency in 2011 and completed a general cosmetic surgery fellowship in June of 2012. In 2009, Dr. Suarez took his first course in Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and his life changed forever. He started a cosmetic surgery practice, without a mentor, without someone to help him get started. Dr. Suarez lost his father to complications of colon cancer surgery and a year and a half later he lost his mother. He realized that he needed a community to heal and started to look for a church to join with his family. Eventually, Dr. David Suarez found an amazing Christian Church called Transformation Life Church near his home in New Jersey. He found a church family to plug into to help him develop his faith. He built an amazing cosmetic surgery practice until his “Higher Power'' told him he had to fix the entire patient, not just the superficial. In a matter of 4 weeks, Dr. Suarez canceled $275,000 in cosmetic surgery because of a new moral way of thinking.


He eventually closed the surgery center and two years later opened Pure Wellness Medical. This time, something was very different. He had a different energy, a different light in his eyes. Not only did Dr. Suarez no longer perform cosmetic surgery but he now was truly living his purpose.

He is also a master injector, traveling around the world sharing his knowledge, learning, and teaching from the world’s top injectors through Full Face Academy in Colombia. He has certifications in Hormone Replacement Therapy, Weight Loss, Regenerative Medicine, IV Nutrition, Ozone Therapy, Sexual Health, and Pain Relief.

Dr. Suarez knew that there had to be a better solution for overall health and founded Pure Wellness Medical where they Optimize your Health, Mind, Body, and Spirit with integrative and regenerative medicine, life mastery coaching, in addition to offering programs, workshops, courses, and retreats.

Dr. David Suarez is an amazon best-selling author (The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Soul Professional), podcaster (Making the Change: Optimize Your Health and Mind), awarded Top Doctor honors in 2023, board certified recovering surgeon, an integrative, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine specialist and a high-level practice management coach. He has a unique ability to combine spirituality, health, mind, body, and spirit while helping you to achieve your dreams and help others.

Dr. Suarez graduated from Osteopathic Medical School in 2005 and became Board-Certified in General Surgery, with a specialization in Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Suarez found that he had a bigger impact on his patients' lives by healing them holistically from the inside out. He modified his practice to focus on hormone OPTIMIZATION, weight loss, and functional medicine where he could concentrate on finding and treating the cause of disease helping to prevent the complications of chronic illness. Since 2012, Dr. Suarez has been a leading innovator in the fields of hormone replacement, regenerative medicine, and weight loss. Dr. Suarez has made it his mission to create excitement around getting your health back and feeling revitalized. He specializes in a detailed approach and individualized protocols to help his patients OPTIMIZE their lives.

Dr Suarez's Personal Wellness Story

"I've been on a life-long journey toward absolute wellness. When I was ten, I convinced my parents to buy a 110-pound Sears weight and I never looked back. My journey started as a fun-loving child that never wanted to stop playing sports. It then led me to become a high school athlete, a certified personal trainer, and eventually a semi-professional football player. Health & Fitness have always been essential in my life and now I am blessed to enhance the mind, body, and spirit of my patients and help them OPTIMIZE their lives."