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Accountability Program

The Pure Wellness Medical Accountability Coaching Program

We believe in complete life OPTIMIZATION. Pure Wellness Medical has the right resources to help you surpass your health & life goals!  We connect you to one our valued Network Partners for a medically guided program to keep you motivated and accountable for reaching the results you always dreamt of.

3 Easy Steps to


Our state-of-the-art digital online-platform and mobile application can sync with the various devices such as Fit Bit, apple watch, smartphone or tablet to give you an easy-to-use integrative fitness experience. Our Pure Wellness health coach team and will help analyze your data to help maximize your results that will integrate with our medical program.

Whenever needed, you can create weekly reports to share with your health coach and friends on social media using our user-friendly client dashboard.



Nutrition is 80% of the results! We specialize in Bio-Individuality based on symptoms and a comprehensive lab review leading to a specific Goal and Lifestyle. Our customized diet and nutrition app keeps you on track with our professionals on meal planning, activity log, in-app grocery shopping list, recipes, goals, and accountability with the collaboration of our Pure Wellness Medical team. Our highly trained, Board Certified Holistic Health Coaches will design a plan to help reach your goals and improve your total body.

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Our Accountably Coaching Program offers virtual and in person personal training, with one of our valued Network Partners.

They offer high-intensity and effective 30-60 minute workouts are created by professionals, top in their field. Coaches and Trainers will customize a routine to boost your metabolism, based on individual fitness levels. This fun and innovative workout offers a diverse menu of programs for all fitness enthusiasts. Programs are able to track body composition, wellness, nutrition, weight training, functional training, sport fundamentals, and integrate with Pure Wellness Medical's protocols.  This evidence-based approach helps achieve unbelievable results!

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Personal Training Reinvented

At Pure Wellness Medical Coaching, we believe in the full Circle-Of-Wellness that begins from within, benefiting you spiritually, mentally, and physically. Our systems are evidence-based and easily tracked.

Pure Wellness Medical Coaches are professionals that are top in their field, teach and promote a healthy lifestyle. This is the foundation of future success in all aspects of your life.

We are your support system, but the effort is up to you. Following our protocols and integrating with our medical team, your health coach will enable you to get the results you have been dreaming about. Read some of our success stories to learn how our program has benefited others.





We understand. Losing weight is far from easy.

Food can be addictive. The brain chemistry involved with sugar is similar to that of certain drugs! This makes it difficult to adhere to a strict diet. But with leading edge medical guidance and our Accountably systems will give you the tools for success.


  • Real food
  • No fads, formulas, powders or meal replacements
  • A lifestyle you'll enjoy for years

Functional Medicine 

  • Scientifically validated program
  • Goes beyond traditional medicine
  • Leading edge experts in functional medicine and fitness
  • Medically-supervised program
  • FDA approved medication and medical supplements, as needed


    • Customized Workout Programs
    • Video Demonstrations.
    • 24/7 Email Support.
    • Virtual Personal Trainer*
    • Accountability Consultations*
    • Progress Tracking Reports

Patient Portal

  • Recipes Wellness Tips.
  • Educational Handouts.
  • Workshop Videos.
  • Printable Tracking Report.


You'll enjoy delicious real food with options based upon your preference.
  • Anti-inflammatory - fruits and veggies, lean proteins, nuts seeds and healthy fats. 
  • Mediterranean - fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. 
  • Ketogenic - high fat, high protein and low carbs, forcing the body to burn fat for energy. 
  • Paleo - meat, fish, veggies, and fruits based upon how our ancestors ate centuries ago. 
  • Plant-based - and in accordance with your previous preferred food
  • Vegetarian - and in accordance with your previous preferred foods
  • Detox - short term interventions to remove toxins that may inhibit successful weight loss

Lifestyle adjustments and adopting a healthier diet are often first-line treatment methods for individuals who are obese or overweight. In some cases, Dr. Suarez may recommend pharmacologic weight loss aids to impact metabolism, appetite and fat absorption. If side effects are experienced, we'll assess them together and modify your plan as necessary. Medications are not intended to replace the dedication and commitment to living healthier with long term lifestyle changes. Dr. Suarez will offer assistance in these key education areas of nutritional counseling and behavior modification.