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Prevent the visible signs of aging
  • Reduces Pain
  • Improves Lubrication
  • Improves Sex Drive

This Pure Fem Wave Therapy Treatment is for now, available at Florida – Boca Raton Clinic Only.

At Pure Wellness Medical, we are continually sourcing today’s leading-edge solutions to optimize our patient’s health and well-being.


Improve Sex Drive

Improve Lubrication

Enhance Sensitivity

Leading Edge Treatment for Female Sexual Wellness

As women age, vaginal tissue can become thin making sexual intercourse less enjoyable due to diminished sensitivity and pain. We trust our Pure Fem Wave technology to treat the root cause to restore healthy tissue to the outer and inner labia using low-intensity diffuse energy pulse waves to improve blood flow and repair blood vessels.

Long-lasting results can be obtained to tighten the area, improve lubrication, reduce painful sex, and enhance sensitivity and orgasms as well as appearance.

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What to Expect?

Our team has been trained to work with you during six-twelve short sessions (20 minutes or so). After the procedure, you’ll return to normal activities including the possibility of intercourse that night!

Leading edge treatment for chronic conditions associated with pain (dyspareunia)

If you’re suffering from vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, or pelvic pain syndrome, Pure Fem Wave can help reduce pain with a non-invasive approach.

Leading edge treatment for urinary Incontinence and overactive bladder

We are using our Pure Fem Wave to treat urinary incontinence and an overactive bladder to reduce leakage, diminish the frequency and urgency to urinate, strengthen the pelvic floor, and improve tissue within the bladder. No more medicines, adult diapers, or the need for catheters as you age.