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High Density PDO Threads

Prevent the visible signs of aging
  • Lifts and tightens sagging skin without leaving scars
  • Smooths skin to give a youthful and sculpted appearance
  • Long-lasting natural results

Threading- High Density PDO Threads

One of the first signs of aging that many women and men notice is the loss of definition along the jawline and chin as the skin loosens and sags. This occurs as facial bones and fat shrink, and the body produces less collagen. Folds, jowls, and wrinkles gradually appear until you look in the mirror (or your face on a Zoom call) and are surprised by how old you look. If you’re not ready for facelift surgery, a PDO thread lift is a solution. Polydioxanone Threads (PDO Threads) are absorbable threads that induce collagen production in the body. Depending on the type of PDO thread and injection technique, PDO Threads lift, tighten, or add volume to the area treated.

Quick Facts

  • Minimally invasive skin tightening is an alternative to facelift surgery.
  • The body slowly absorbs the threads 4 to 6 months following the procedure.
  • Threads may be smooth or have tiny barbs or cones that help grip the skin.