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Prevent the visible signs of aging
  • Achieve Better Erections
  • Increases Sex Drive
  • Peak Sexual Performance

This Pure Mens Wave ED Treatment service is now available at Florida – Boca Raton Clinic Only.

At Pure Wellness Medical, we are continually sourcing today’s leading-edge solutions to optimize our patient’s health and well-being.

Improve Sex Drive

Enhance Erections

Improve Sexual Performance

Leading Edge Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

ED is a common concern and happens occasionally for most men. But when the condition persists over time, we look at ED as more of a medical condition and can now treat it quite effectively using our Pure Mens Wave technology – shockwave therapy that impacts blood flow, dissolving plaque, allowing blood vessel formation, and resulting in harder erections that sustain over time.

We trust the technology even for patients with chronic conditions as it is non-medicinal, non-invasive, and a natural approach.

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What to Expect?

Our team has been trained to work with you during six-twelve short sessions (20 minutes or so). Reported results demonstrate a 75% success rate for harder and sustained erections.

Leading edge treatment for curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s Disease)

Trauma can cause scar tissue within the penis, preventing elasticity and leading to painful or even impossible intercourse due to a significant bend. Our Pure Mens Wave shockwave technology allows us to break up this scar tissue, create new blood vessels and enable this curvature to decline – without surgery and without injections.

Leading edge treatment for Sexual Enhancement

Multiple medical, lifestyle, and emotional states can impact the ability to maintain a strong erection. And as sexual activities are a major source of joy, connectedness, and intimacy within a relationship, men are increasingly turning to us for Pure Mens Wave to achieve better erections, increased sex drive, and peak sexual performance.