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"I had a trainer and all he did was give me a meal plan. There wasn't any variety. It was a body building diet that I could have just looked up online. I didn't learn anything. The Body Site app has recipes, and I can scan and track my food. I'm learning nutrition principles to help me make the right choices too. I have slight insulin resistance and I'm learning what foods are best to regulate my blood sugar. My trainer never went over any of this"

John C.

"I must thank you again... Dr Suarez is a very knowledgeable and down to earth person. Very easy to talk with and went over bloods and explained everything in detail.. Can't wait to get started on my protocol and new way of life to get to the optimized shape and feeling of my life!"

Katie E

"Before pure wellness I was 30lbs heavier. I was depressed, my diet was not optimal and my body fat was much higher. Pure wellness started with a comprehensive blood work which woke me up to some issues that I needed to deal with health wise. I decided that I needed to change my diet and I needed the hormonal therapy to get myself into an optimal state. I was provided with the medication and information about diet nutrition and exercise. As a lifelong athlete and a science teacher I knew the message was sound and I've been following it for the last 5 months. In that time my body composition has improved dramatically and my mental health is so much better than it was."

Louis V