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Recent Testimonials

“I had a trainer and all he did was give me a meal plan. There wasn’t any variety. It was a body-building diet that I could have just looked up online. I didn’t learn anything. The Body Site app has recipes, and I can scan and track my food. I’m learning nutrition principles to help me make the right choices too. I have slight insulin resistance and I’m learning what foods are best to regulate my blood sugar. My trainer never went over any of this”

John C.

“In just 3 short weeks @purewellnessmedical, Dr. Suarez, & @professor__johncamp have helped me regain my energy levels and my overall mental & physical health. Following the protocols & diet they’ve made for me, I feel dynamic, to say the least. In the process, I’ve also lost some weight as well. I look forward to more success as we move along. Thank you to all my friends”

Louie D

“I must thank you again… Dr. Suarez is a very knowledgeable and down-to-earth person. Very easy to talk with and went over blood and explained everything in detail. Can’t wait to get started on my protocol and a new way of life to get to the optimized shape and feeling of my life!”

Katie E

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