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What is Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED?

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED?

There are many reasons men struggle with ED. One of the main reasons is a low flow of blood to the penis. Blood flow is what makes the penis become erect in response to sexual stimulation. When blood flow has interruptions, men experience weak erections that lose their rigidity too quickly.

Acoustic wave therapy (also called shock wave therapy) fights against this lack of blood flow. This process uses non-invasive, low-intensity acoustic waves to cause neovascularization directly inside a penis. Neovascularization is the formation of new blood vessels. These new blood vessels improve blood flow encouraging stronger and longer erections.

It’s Time to Do Something About ED

ED affects the lives of around 18% of men in America. It frequently leads to low self-esteem, unhappy sex lives, and problems within partner relationships.

However, it doesn’t need to control yours. Thankfully with the advancement in technology of acoustic wave therapy, thousands of men have regained enhanced sensitivity, a healthy sex life, and the peace of mind to live life without side effects or inconvenience.


What to Expect?

Our team has been trained to work with you during six – twelve short sessions (20 minutes or so). Reported results demonstrate a 75% success rate for harder and sustained erections.

At Pure Wellness Medical, we are continually sourcing today’s leading-edge solutions to optimize our patient’s health and well-being.

Pure Wellness Medical uses the revolutionary GAINSWave® treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Using low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy treatment promotes better, stronger erections, can increase girth, and help ensure better orgasms.